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Naples Italy Tourist Information and Travel Guide

A funicular is a type of train that is designed to run up steep slopes.  They are quite common throughout Europe.

The city of Naples operate three funicular lines that ascend Mount Vomero, a steep hill located near the city centre.  The fourth funicular connects two city districts.

The four funicular lines in Naples Italy are:

  1. Funicolare Centrale
  2. Funicolare Chiaia
  3. Funicolare Montesanto
  4. Funicolare Mergellina (connects two city districts)
Funicular Station, Naples Italy
Funicular Station, Naples Italy

The 'Funicolare di Montesanto' line leaves from the Montesanto metro station and arrives at the Morghen station, which is at the top of the hill.  From there, it is only a five minute walk to the Sant'Elmo castle and the San Martino Monastery.

This funicular runs from 7 am until 10 pm daily.

The cost of a single ticket on a Naples funicular is the same as a bus or metro ride.  A daily transit pass includes rides on the funiculars in addition to buses and metros.

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